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Consumer Package 2012

Package Name:    Sea Cucumber Intestinal Sperm-Egg Capsule 
Company Name:   Dalian Dengxilai Package Co., Ltd                         

Paper structure design plays a very good protection on the product. It reduces the production cost.

The outer box uses paper material and the inside is made of recycled paper; inner holder is made of glass. All are recyclable and biodegradable material


 Package Name:    Sainrauze (A Single Bottle In A Gift Box)
Company Name:   Shenzhen Bai Xinglong Creative Packing Design Co., Ltd.


The wine brand originally imported from France - Sainrauze has always been used to serve the mid-to-high end consumers of Chinese market. As for the wine gift box holding a single bottle, its box cover is decorated with antique patterns, reflecting a long-standing history of Sainrauze wine, dating back to 1842. The packing is of a flexible and funny box-shaped structure, featuring good presentation and entertainment in terms of opening bottles, and vividly interpreting the endless possibilities of pondering and practicing the appropriate packing structures in an exploratory attitude.               




 Package Name:    Hanwuyu (Imperial Wine Granted by Emperor Hanwu)

Company Name:   Shenzhen Bai Xinglong Creative Packing Design Co., Ltd.

 The imperial culture of Han Dynasty has exerted profound influence upon traditional Chinese history. Against the backdrop of the imperial culture of Han Dynasty, the slender lines of the bottles and boxes highlight its modern simplicity culture, despising all the other brands of wine based on a domineering temperament. To review the traditional culture of Han Dynasty, the dominant hue is the red-black inter phase of the lacquer wares, while the golden is used to add vitality. The imperial jade seal symbolizing supreme power has been designed into the bottle-neck mouth, while combining the dragon of Han Dynasty as a supplementary element, symbolizing a dragon soaring in the sky. The unique shape of the box is another highlight.  




 Package Name:    Wu Zetian (the Empress of Tang Dynasty)
Company Name:   Shenzhen Bai Xinglong Creative Packing Design Co., Ltd.


Against the backdrop of Wu Zetian, the Empress of Tang Dynasty, such packing design has been undoubtedly occupying a unique status in the history of Chinese white wine and even in Chinese history. In ancient China, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, while the phoenix is a symbol of the beauty. Wu Zetian called herself the complex of dragon and phoenix. By Referring to the phoenix tail as a symbol of the femininity of Wu Zetian, designing the scapulae into unique modeling to reflect her awesomeness, and drawing the pattern of dragon & phoenix on her coronet to symbolize her identity as the complex of dragon and phoenix, the overall packing style highlights cool tone and a little bit of warm tone, looking extremely distinctive, and reflecting people



 Package Name:    ETA Pouch for NUTS Family
Company Name:   Umax Packaging Ltd


Exclusive High Barrier Package Developed for Roasted & Salted Nuts for Export Market.

This MATT finished easy open Stand up pouch, affords a peelable easy open function with convenient zipper for enclosure. The 2 layer lamination structure exceeds key attribute requirements of high impact graphics, product shelf life barriers, and high- speed machinablity & consumer functionality.

The Subsequent Stand up Pouch with Zipper Lock is continuous 8 stage online Process.



 Package Name:    HDPE Gagar Pack for Nanozim Granules

The product packed in the HDPE Gagar (Pitcher) is Biological granules which are being used by the farmers for Plant Nutrition, superior yield & prime quality of produce. After the use of inside product, farmers use this empty Gagars for storing Food grains, Carrying water & many other household activities.



 Package Name:    Alukbliss -_ALU LOOK FILM
Company Name:    ACG Pharmapack  PVT.  LTD.


- Excellent anti counterfeit solution, gives your brand a distinct identity and a very aesthetic appearance.

- Thermoformable films.

- Higher Machine Speeds which enables Higher Productivity.

- Unique appearance.

- Not prone to denting hence facilitates stacking.

- Multiple blisters in single carton reduce secondary packaging cost.

- Enables Product Differentiation.

- Optimized blister pack size via a via cold form blister packs.

- Available in unique colors such as silver, grey, copper and gold.

- Can be customized as per barrier needs.

- Complies with Regulatory norms.



 Package Name:   'ULALA' Container


 “Ulala” container is a unique design developed by Mullackal Polymers Pvt. Ltd.  for  packing granular  agrochemical products with maximum front label display.  The mouth of the bottle is designed to facilitate complete dispensing of the content. The cap is provided with an induction seal for tamper evidence.  Crown shaped cup having measurements inside is used to measure granules.



 Package Name:  Horlicks Gold Carton  
Company Name:   GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd


Horlicks has started its journey from being a HFD brand to a Mega Brand with the ambition of becoming the No 1 Health brand providing


 Package Name:    Boost 450g Jar with Structure Connoting Brand Attitude
Company Name:   GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd

Boost was launched in 1976 as a Choco-Malt drink. For the last 31 years this brand has been built on a strong Sports and Energy platform. Boost has always been seen ahead from the rest of the competitors with respect to packaging innovation. The proposition for the brand is well summarized by SPORTY, ATHLETIC, MASCULINE and ENERGETIC.


Since the consumer involvement in the category is very high in terms of the target user group and shoppers, the challenge was to develop a packaging format which would be user friendly, clutter breaking, contemporary and trendy.



 Package Name:   RAYMOND IDENTITY PERFUME SPRAY 150ml                  


The container is printed by Dry offset process & matte varnished. The container color is maintained white which connects to a person’s PURITY. The container is 3 grams less in weight than normal containers used for the deodorant perfume spray packing. The material distribution (wall thickness) is uniform through-out thus the pressure resistance of the containers is as good as normal container though it has less weight.


 Package Name:    RAYMOND AVIATOR PERFUME SPRAY 150ml                 


Container: Lacquered aluminum

Cap & Collar: Polypropylene

Mono carton: 330 gsm Sapphire Graphic with Met pet + Texture + Emboss finish with a red liner..



 Package Name:  Dickson's "Just Delicious" 12Kg Four Panel Pouch with Perforations in Side  
Company Name:   Paharpur 3 P


Width: 380 mm                     

Height: 800 mm

Side Gusset: 80 + 80 mm or 160 mm

Optimum pack size for 12Kg of pet food.



 Package Name:  Ayur Slim 60s 
Company Name:  The Himalaya Drug Company 


1. Ayur Slim blister pack is a combination of a pressure sensitive card with front and back PVC blisters.

2. Board is multi color printed with Textured UV Varnish and cold seal coating inside.

3. Leaflet label is developed to accommodate more information of product.

4. The backside PVC blister is drawn-out which helps to place the blister in stand-up position on display section in case hanging option is not available.



 Package Name:  Taj  Mahal  Trapezium 245g  Pack  
Company Name:   Rollatainers Limited & Hindustan Unilever Limited


Taj Mahal Trapezium pack 245g  tea  carton ,  is  a  unique  trapezium  shaped  lined carton ready for  vacuum packaging of tea. The uniqueness of the pack is through its shape , manufacturing processes, print and material.



 Package Name:    Tetley Click
Company Name:   Rollatainers Limited


This  is  an  ideally  designed   reclosable  pack  for  packaging  of  premium  tea  bags,  in  foil  based  liners,  which  enhances  aroma  retention  of the product   till  it  is  consumed  to  its  last  bag .



 Package Name:    Parachute Advanced Body Lotion - 250ml
Company Name:   MARICO LIMITED  


This is probably first time in India and Asia the body lotion is launched in clutter breaking curvaceous shape bottle. The curvaceous shape of the bottle cued a body lotion meant for the modern woman, the light blue color hues too stood true to the objective of the packaging. The shade of blue used was seen as delicate, modern and premium which was developed with blend of pearl pigment with desired micron size which would impart enough opacity and sheen after the product is filled. It completely lifted the brand from being just a body lotion in the market to a desirable and a truly beauty enhancing products.



 Package Name: CHG Handrub bottle and dispensing stand 
Company Name:
3M India Limited 


CHG Handrub is a hand hygiene category product being used in hospitals. Pack consist of two parts, Injection molded reusable dispensing stand and a HDPE bottle with dispensing pump. The stand is designed in such a way that it can be mounted on wall as well as hanged from hospital bed rail.  The bottle designed with a peg-hole can be mounted on the dispensing stand shaft.



 Package Name:   Scotch-Brite Premium Kitchen Towel Pack
Company Name:  3M India Limited

Printed BOPP pouch with in between partial seals to pack three kitchen towels. Partial seals are provided to create compartments to restrict product movement, each compartment to contain one kitchen towel.


 Package Name:   CAVIN'S PURE GHEE


An attractive aqua colored and unique curved shaped in this category. This is a good display pack with product visibility. Multicolor sleeve with attractive and eye catching printing




A sleek & novel, colorful combo pack for female deodorant category. Attractive display pack with integral fitments for three different fragrances.


 Package Name:  Kingfisher Ultra and Kingfisher Blue 500 ml Can  
Company Name:  

The King Fisher Ultra can is a special can, made with the rich tactile effect, which covers almost

95% of the can body, providing the consumer a great feel and makes it an ideal package for

determined drinking occasions like special events, weekend




Company Name:  


Box in the shape of Tool Box was designed which looks different & perfect shape for the target market, which is creative. The opening of the box is from the top with central partition extended to make the foldable handle. Opening has two separate flaps on e of each compartment each compartment has 3 swatch cards.  The handles are foldable for easy storage & stacking. Top flaps provide very easy access to the product offering convenience to user. The box is made from single wall heavy duty   



 Package Name:  Nestea Sipper Bottle 
Company Name:  Manjushree Technopack Ltd. and Nestle India Ltd.


The Bottle is given away free with a pouch of Nestea Powder, the bottle is quite versatile can be used  for various applications such as storage container for Nestea Drink, juices, water and other liquid products



  Package Name:   Gowardhan GO Cheese Multilayer Barrier Bottle
Company Name:   Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd.

The bottle is used for packing Cheese Sauce in a bottle that is easy to carry and dispense.  




Company Name:  
PT Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia


The packaging design was inspired by a liquid form of the yogurt when being poured Hence the white colored bottle is also represent the pureness of the yogurt that Heavenly Blush produced in contrast with the white color background. We want to highlight all remaining gradients that consists of fruit and veggies to be colorful that will embodies the Heavenly Blush philosophies throughout their rand of products.

The client was so supportive to this packaging concept, as they were also looking forward to have a fresh approach towards their ready-to-drink bottles. Both parties were quite bored with the just another ordinary looking bottle.  so in term of design and prototyping we were having so much fun and excitement doing this project.



 Package Name:    SEED CARDS PACK
Company Name:   BENTOEL GROUP.

The new packaging concept of Seed Cards we introduce is in the form of cards which is compact, unique and eco-friendly. This card uses 3mm thickness of cardboard to store the seeds inside with peeping window made from PP film so that customer can see the seeds. The film can be easily separated from the cardboard when it is going to recycled. The other advantage of this pack is the customer can use the lid of the package as a plant name-tag which may contain an instruction manual how to maintain the healthy grow. The seed cards are bundled in three different variants to help customer to organize their elections of seeds. This innovation of seed cards like Swiss Army knife will make it easy to carry and convenience to apply. Material used: recycle card-board thickness 3mm and PP plastic. 



 Package Name:   FAMILY TREE PACK
Company Name:   BENTOEL GROUP.


The new design of ‘Luwak’ Coffee package gives extra security to the product by providing the perforated authentic seal on the outer package so that the consumer can easily recognize if the package is already opened. In each outer carton, the ’Luwak’ coffee is individually packed in 10g sachet. ‘Luwak’ coffee is the most expensive coffee in premium segment class with exotic taste from Indonesia. When the outer pack is opened, the ‘pop-up family-tree’ structural design which hold each individual coffee sachet. It can be displayed in a display hanger and ceiling gangers in a café shop or special store. The ‘pop-up family-tree’ can be used as a marketing tool to communicate the brand image to the consumer. Material used: High quality two-sided surface print board, finishing matte varnished.



 Package Name:    ICON PACK 
Company Name:   BENTOEL GROUP.

Icon Pack is collectible, unique, multifunctional premium gift pack for batik. This unique pack, apply a special die cut / key line format I the package to be able to present three functions:

1. As a display function in the store: a hanger of Batik in a form ‘Wayang’.

2. As transport couple-pack in which each pack contain a batik wear.

3. As a memorable object display at customer’s home.



 Package Name:  RON 88 EASY OPEN CAP 


It has a grenade look with crystal lining all over the body to enhance the freshness of the water. The cap is specially designed with consumer benefit in industry. So that women and children will not have difficulty in opening the bottle. The special cap also has a double number of eight shapes to remind consumers of Ron 88 Brand, therefore it brings an added value and consumer brand retention. The cap may come in different colors as consumer prefers. Each bottle content 250 ml of Pure Natural Spring Water.



Company Name:   KOSE Corporation


The first loose-type foundation compact in the industry with both portability and handiness. Using the same container, the lids are designed each season to create 3 new images. The bulk contains organic cotton to convey gentleness and softness derived from the image of cotton wool




Company Name:   KOSE Corporation


Package for eye color compact case and storefront disp



 Package Name:   Package for 3D Head Mount Display HMZ-T1   
Company Name:  
SONY EMCS Corporation                              


This package highly protects the unique optic lens from a shock at the time of the transportation.

Using all the cushions which can be recycled



 Package Name: Tokyo Sky Tree Change Color Can  

 Company Name:Asahi Breweries, LTD    

We developed color-changing cans. The change from one color to another color is possible at a predetermined temperature. Customers can not only feel "pleasure of the changing colors " but also realize the functionality such as the temperature that is most suitable to drink and the liquid residual quantity visually                           


 Package Name:  Tape-less Carton Box for  Agricultural Products 
Company Name:  Dynapac Co., Ltd.                                    


The seal became possible when the upper surface inserted one flap of a short side.

By bringing near a plug portion and a hole by a central site, workability became good form that it is easy to insert.

The bottom enabled the seal which the flap of a long side and a short side is superimposed and does not carry out unbounded.

The lock was installed in the diagonal position and it became the structure which a flap overlaps and supports mutually with the same assembling sequence as RSC.



 Package Name:    NEW  Krewrap
Company Name:  


Two flaps which became larger last year make it easy to pick up a film. Special varnish was painted to the flaps, keep the film firmly after movement of cutting, and prevent winding return of the film. The varnish was painted another place, makes it easy to open a cover.




 Package Name:  Development of the Package for High-Quality Digital Camera  
Company Name:  
Dynapac Co., Ltd.                                                                                    

There are lens KIT specification and specification of only a body.

The carton box for taking and storing opinions arranges combination and it in the upper part of individual packaging carton.

If it is removed, cleaning crossing will have covered the whole, and if it is taken, the main part of a camera and lens sunshade strap which was stored by the corrugated paper cushion and was tidily located in a line will appear.

Accessories, such as a power cord battery charger and a USB cable, are stored under the cushion.

As for the specification of only a body, an accessories box is arranged beside the cushion for the main parts of a camera.




 Package Name:    Stand-up Bluelet
Company Name:  
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


The refill container for a toilet detergent is the thinnest injection molded container in the world, thickness of 0.3mm. By reducing the thickness to the utmost limit, the customers can handpick the detergent and open the container more easily than ever.


 Package Name:    "Always Fresh"Series - Table Top Bottle (200ml)
Company Name:  
Kikkoman Food Products Company

 Package Name:    Remove the Thread
Company Name:  

Remove the thread to open the package without any tools. If once the lock insert, you will not open the package unless you remove the stitches of the seam of the rightmost. Package just assemble, tape is not used. And Can be reused as a storage case even after unpacking.




 Package Name:    Re-sealable Blister Package
Company Name:  BLISSPACK Co., Ltd.


1. Ease to use package, consumer can open, use content, close and store easily and when re-use, content comes out soon

2. Excellent moisture barrier and content retention properties

3. Eco-friendly package which can reduce package weight capable to use more than 100 times

4. It is the eco-friendly package which can be replaced the blow molded containers and reduces the weight of packages.



 Package Name:  LOVELLE (Flower Packaging)   
Company Name:  
Brite Koncept Pte Ltd



 Package Name:   RICE DUMPLING BOX 2012                                     

This packaging is created to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, otherwise also known as the Rice Dumpling Festival or Duanwu Jie that falls on the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calendar. It packs 6 small-sized rice dumplings.



 Package Name:   New Moon CNY Jeanette Aw Premium Gift Set
Company Name:   Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd

Chinese New Year have always been synonymous to Fun, Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity, thus New Moon CNY Jeanette Aw Premium Gift Box was born with the above in mind. The idea of the box brainchild was to be able to place our range of No.1 products, New Moon New Zealand, Australia and Mexico Abalone, into a gift box that would be as deserving as the items in it. The brightly drawn box by Jeanette Aw, Singapore local celebrity, contained Fun colorfully designed Eco friendly box made of recyclable board, ideal for the young audience who believes that Chinese New year is a festive period for celebration and gifting for friend, families and loved ones.

The brightly drawn tissue box inside is created to match the external box, and contained the range of Singapore No.1 abalone brand, New Moon.



 Package Name:    New Moon Hana Gift Set
Company Name:  
Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd



Company Name:  Design Packaging Concept Pte. Ltd


The packaging is used to pack mooncakes and the box is compact to hold mooncakes properly without crushing the mooncakes during storage or logistics movement.

The embedded centerpiece is a porcelain plate which serves dual function:



 Package Name:    CNY2012 Orange Carrier


The Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the lunar calendar, called the Spring Festival. In Singapore, it is the custom of the Chinese community to visit relatives and friends during the festival and guests are to bring mandarin oranges for exchanging with the host. This carrier holds 8 oranges.



 Package Name:    'Muluthange' Oil Drizzlar Gift Box
Company Name:   Midaya Packaging Industries (Pvt) Ltd


The concept and design of this box allows it to be both a point of purchase display as well as a gift box. The distinctive design enables consumers to view product through the three windows, giving the product greater consumer appeal.


 Package Name:    SPOE: Spoon Open End


Can open with spoon not depend on the tab


 Package Name:  Pearl Royal Coconut Water 100% Can in Shape 
Company Name:    Pearl Royal Co. ,LTD.

A product of eye-catching and attractive package high sense designs, made from quality material with advanced technology to Biodegradable process is environmental-friendly.  Exotic open, can be holding a coconut drink in one hand and easy to drink with a straw beside.